2018.07.03: Application forms for the next academic year (2019) is now open. The forms can be 

                    downloaded from the following link:


2018.06.22: The 11th ADB-JSP scholars’ research forum "Creating the Foundation for                                     sustainable and inclusive development of Asia and the Pacific" was held at the                             Asian Development Bank Institute in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo on 15th June 2018.                             Please access to our facebook page for further information.


2018.05.28A Facebook page as a means of social communication for Foreign Student Office                        (FSO) is launched. The link to the page is as follows:


2018.04.13The homepage of International Graduate Program on Civil and Environmental                              Engineering is renewed.

2018.03.14: Seminar held at Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University

2017.11.30: Notice to MEXT Applicants

                    There will be no call for the master's degree program under the Monbukagakusho                        (MEXT) scholarship for 2018 intake.

2017.11.09: The 5th International Conference on Engineering, Energy, and Environment                                  (ICEEE) was held in Bangkok, Thailand

2017.11.09: ADB-JSP scholar welcome gathering 

2017.07.28: Updated application forms are available