Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have been admitted with scholarship for this year’s April intake. Can I postpone my enrollment with scholarship to the October intake or next year intake?

  • No. If you have been admitted with scholarship to a certain intake, you cannot postpone your enrollment to another intake or next year intake.

Q2. After my arrival at Saitama University, when will I receive my first bursary from my scholarship?

  • You will receive your bursary from the scholarship, normally around 1-1.5 months after your arrival. Therefore, it is crucial for you to bring enough money to support your life and expenditure before the first disbursement of the bursary.

Q3. How much money should I bring to support my life during the first 1 or 1.5 months before the disbursement of the bursary?

  • The approximate living cost for one month is around 120,000-140,000 yen depending on your life style. However, at the initial stage, you will need to spend more money to buy many things for your life here and additionally you may receive your bursary even after a month, so it is recommended to have around 100,000 yen with you for your initial living cost.

Q4. Is it possible to bring my family under the dependent visa when I come to Japan?

  • It would be difficult to bring your family straightaway under the dependent visa. You will need to apply for the certificate of eligibility for them to be eligible to get the dependent visa. The process will take at least a month. You can refer to the immigration website of Japanese Government for detailed information: