Successful applicants are admitted to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Saitama University on the recommendation of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The department selects students on the basis of the applicant's academic qualifications shown on the documents submitted by the applicants. However, applicants who already reside in Japan must also take written examinations and pass an interview held at the University. Such applicants should consult with the Graduate School of Science and Engineering well in advance for the timetable and other information related to the examination and interview. Weblink of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering in this matter can be accessed from here.  

Since the program is highly selective and the number of international students who can be accommodated is limited, only the most qualified applicants are admitted. After a thorough review and evaluation of application materials of each candidate by the department, positions will be offered.

To be eligible for admission to the master's degree course, the applicant should hold a degree from an accredited institution comparable to the bachelor's degree offered by Saitama University and have sufficient undergraduate training to undertake graduate study in civil and environmental engineering. For admission to the doctoral course, the applicant should hold a master's degree comparable to that offered by Saitama University or its equivalent. However, an applicant with equivalent professional experience may be admitted to the program in lieu of university credentials.

An applicant must be in good mental and physical health. If admitted, the applicant must be able to come to Saitama University within April 1-3 (for April intake) or within October 1-3 (for October intake) of the following year.

Application for Admission

Application forms in Portable Document Format (PDF) are available from this web page for downloading (you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for this). If you have any difficulty downloading, you can request the application forms by writing to the FSO (see 'Contact' for further detail).

The following documents must be submitted when you are applying to the program:

  • Completed application form (Form A)

  • Certified copies of previous academic records

  • Certified copy of the certificate of graduation

  • Two letters of recommendation (Form B)

  • Essays on selected topics (Form C)

  • A concise resume (Form D)

  • Certificate of English proficiency (an official score of TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent)

  • Certificate of Employment issued by the company (for ADB-JSP only)

  • Certificate of Compensation (Monthly or Annual Income) issued by the company (for ADB-JSP only)

  • Certification of Family Income issued by the company (for ADB-JSP only)

  • ADB-JSP Information Sheet (for ADB-JSP only)

  • Evidence such as copy of bank account activity statement/ salary payment statement that he/she is financially able to bear the expenses while pursuing their degree (for applicants seeking for admission only)


Completed application materials must reach the Foreign Student Office (FSO) by the dates indicated under the page 'Important Dates'.