Application Flow

General overview of the application process is shown on this page. In the case of queries and/or in the need of additional details, visit the relevant pages of this website and the FAQ page.

Call for the application

When and where the announcement is made?

Check the eligibility requirements for the program
that you are applying (masters or doctoral)

How to confirm if I am eligible to apply?
  Application Info  > Section #1

If eligible, submit the application form and supporting documents
within the stated deadline

Submission deadline

Screening of submitted application materials

What are the screening procedures?
  Application Info  > Section #2

Notification to shortlisted applicants

(Only the shortlisted applicants will be notified!)

When to expect?

Evaluation (interview, etc.) of shortlisted applicants

Announcement to successful applicants

When to expect?

Start of the graduate program

NOTE: It is not possible to respond to inquiries regarding the status of application.