Message from the Head
FSO Head (Prof. Yasunao Matsumoto)I am pleased to introduce you our International Graduate Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering at Saitama University, Japan. We have been offering this English medium graduate program since 1992. The program offers unique opportunities to highly qualified international students pursuing graduate-level study in Japan seeking the most-advanced academic and practical expertise, skills and experiences in various fields of civil and environmental engineering. The fields of study that we cover include geotechnical and geological engineering, earthquake engineering, structural engineering, concrete and material engineering, infrastructure maintenance and management, hydraulics and water resources engineering, coastal and ocean engineering, environmental engineering, ecological engineering, transportation engineering, and land and regional planning. 

Our two-year master's program consists of both the course works and research. Our program puts importance on students' research activities, through which they can learn how to tackle and solve a problem with unknown answer. We believe that such experiences should be very useful for students in their future career where they will face various unsolved problems. The main content of our doctoral program is, of course, research. As in doctoral programs around the globe, students are expected to make new contributions to knowledge in relevant field of study through their research. They will take on such challenges in furthering the advancement of their relevant field of study with the assistance from our faculty members, who are experts in their respective field of study.

Various full and partial scholarships, designated to our graduate program, are available for international students. The application information is provided in our program’s admission page:

We look forward to welcoming you to our graduate program.

Prof. Yasunao Matsumoto
Head of the Foreign Student Office
Saitama University